Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pure Peppermint Extract for Mice Control

If you are like me, you would hate to have a mouse in your house! I don't even like gerbils and hamsters as they are too much like mice for me. If you do have a mouse problem, a great natural solution is pure peppermint extract. Put a little on cotton balls and place them where mice have been seen. Dilute some extract with water and spray around the outside of your house and around any areas where mice could get in. Because mice hate peppermint, they will stay away. It is important to use pure peppermint however. I have it on good authority that the peppermint you buy in the store does not work as well as Watkins peppermint. For this and other great natural products go to www.watkinsonline and when prompted, put in associate #375441. Not only will you have a mouse-free home but a great smelling home too!

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